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Wallace Huo

Wallace Huo Jian Hua is a Taiwanese actor and singer.

Wallace first joined the entertainment business at the age of 17. Setting the goal as a singer, he went through two years' training in vocal and dancing. Just before he was about to record his first album, however, he was mandated to enlist in the army, which interrupted his dream of becoming a star.

He became known for his cell phone CF with Angelica Lee in 2000. After completing his military service, Wallace joined etKING and became one of the two leading actors in the new drama,. This started his acting career began from there. His first real major break was in the drama At the Dolphin Bay, where he portrayed the role of a cold-hearted music director who fell in love with the female lead and eventually found himself slowly changing.After Dolphin Bay he filmed 100% Senorita,Secret Garden I, Great Teacher,Pretty Girl and Westside Story with 5566, all in one year.

In 2004, he went to China to make the movie Hands in the Hair with Rosamund Kwan and martial art series Tian Xia Di Yi with Michelle Ye.He also worked with some of the best actresses in China including Ruby Lin,Shu Qi,Fan Bingbing and Miriam Yeung.


*The new star Wallace Huo debut in the upcoming TTV drama. Meanwhile he also sing four songs in the original soundtrack.
He and David Chen became best friends because of show.The staff like to make fun of their unusually good friendship,
they also deliberately display intriguing intimacy in public.

He tries to achieve in the SET trendy drama,A Promise of Love At the Dolphin Bay.
Used to be a nice and tender person, He was having a hard time to look like a bad boy.
This made him more famous in Taiwan making him one of the hottest idol star of the year.
Within merely half a year, he filmed 6 TV dramas, his salary increased several folds, and his schedule was booked.
With Secret Garden, Great Teacher, Pretty Girl, Westside Story and 100% Senorita, all within the past six months, Wallace sits firmly on the top of his generation. With his salary rising to 50000 NT dollars per episode and all CF together, he had made 5 million dollars within half a year.
The photo book he just made had sold more than 10000 copies before official release, and the CF he made for Mitsubishi Motors had just won a prize in Japan.

As a gift for his hard work and also a solution to meet his packed working schedule, Wallace bought the same Mitsubishi car for which he made a CF. The audience were so crazy about his Porsche convertible.


* The popularity in Taiwan that Wallace carried to China with him also gave him a lot of pressure.
He won accolade from the famous director Jing Wang in his first martial arts series Tian Xia Di Yi/Hero. Moreover, the two leading actresses, Michelle Yip and Tammy Chen.

He also got the major lead in Romance of Red Dust.The producer Ziming Wong praised Wallace highly for his dedication in Romance of Red Dust. They became buddies and exchanged extensively their ideas about drama and acting.

“Wallace is very smart and is an actor with unique insight and perspectives.
He is more mature in Romance of Red Dust, and brings out the true spirits of his role.
I totally understand why Dong Wang likes and appreciates him so much.” Wong commented.

Sound of Colors, originally by the renowned comic artist Jimmy, will be made into a brand new TV series, with Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin take the leading roles. As both are extremely popular TV stars, their salary accounts for one third of the production expense.Sound of Colors had been made into movie and stage play in the past.


* He was the former assistant of Taiwanese entertainer Cheng Guo Cheng
* He was highly praised by his co-starring actresses,including Angela Zhang,Michelle Yip, Rosamund Kwan,Shu Qi, and Ruby Lin.
* He was romantically linked with his co-star Rosamund Kwan.
* He give up his blooming career in Taiwan and headed in China.
* He first worked as a backstage assistant to the variety show host Kuo-Cheng Tseng
* Sound of Colors was aired Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, USA, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, and Japan.
* In June 7,2007, Wallace present the TV Award in Beijing.
* A photographer in Taiwan once said that he looked like the famous Japanese singer Masaharu Fukuyama.
* He recorded a tribute song for Xu Wei Lun.




*Star OST
*My Secret Garden OST
*100%Senorita OST
*Tian Xia Di Yi OST

Music video appearances

* A mei mei- saya
* Kang Chin Chung- Run Away
* Somebody/ 100%Senorita OST
* Xing Fu De Di Tu/Elva Hsiao /100%Senorita OST
* Ni Hao Jiu Hai, Na Shi Hou, Jian Shang Qing Ting, Ni Di Di Yi with Rosamund Kwan/ Start vol.1 album

CF/ Endorsements

* E-Wap
* Wrigley’s Gum
* Mitsubishi Virage IO
* Timberland
* Matrix
* Siemens CX65
* Formosa Shades

Roy chiu

Roy Qiu Ze is a Taiwanese actor and singer.
Because of his appearance, he has been called was called the Taiwanese Tackey. He is popular in Japan and has been called the ‘ambassador of Mandarin pop’.

New manager

Roy decided not to renew his contract with a Taiwanese artist management agency.
Instead, he looked to Gillian Tan, marketing manager of his previous record label, EMI Music Singapore. Tan has since signed him on as her personal client.
Of this unusual arrangement, Tan said: 'I guess it was a result of the chemistry we built up from years of working together. I have always been handling his matters as his record label manager, and I think he's happy with what I've done.
'Even after he left his company, I continued to help him out wherever I could. So this is a natural process.'
Gillian Tan also manages other Taiwanese artists, such as two members of the boy band B.A.D. She is also careful that managing Roy does not encroach on her work. She negotiates Roy's deals and publicity materials outside of office hours.
With the help of her extensive contacts, Tan can afford to operate from Singapore while making sure that Roy is well taken care of when he's on overseas engagements. She hires a personal assistant for him whenever the need arises

In Japan

Currently Tan is hoping to push Roy in the Japanese market, where his manga good looks have been earning him much attention there.

Apparently, he had agreed to the Love Signal role without hesitation because he was keen to work again with director Paul Yuen, who helmed PS...I Luv U.

Pictorial Competing in Japan

In 2006, Vic Zhou and Roy Chiu's DVD pictorial will be competing in Japan. Both DVD pictorial were done by the same Director and their filming scenes were one in Jiu Fen by the hills and one by the hills at Yilan. However, release dates were coincidentally not the same. However, the Japanese media still rated Roy Chiu as the next prince after .
Vic went to Japan to promote his DVD pictorial, Real Film Collec-tion ”Vic Chou" and emphasised that it is only limited to Japan and done by Tokyo's film's festival, Make Up Artist's Director Tian Zhong Guang and will be released on the 6th October. In the DVD, Zaizai if filmed going back to Yilan, meeting his secondary school teacher, a shocked face and pacing along the beach, his daily life as well as having fried chicken, satisfying fans who wants to secretly look at him.

The coincident thing was that, Roy Chiu who will be back next week will be releasing his DVD pictorial at the same time. He avoided having a competition with Zaizai and chose to release his pictorial than he do and only release his DVD pictorial on the 13th of November and his Director was also the same. The only difference was that Roy will be acting lots in it, wearing the Japanese suit, shaving bald and also his first time dressing up as a girl.


*He was also the ex-boyfriend of superstar Rainie Yang
*He was in one of F.I.R MV's, which he shaved his hair.
*Tammy Chen and Peter Ho are also his co-artist in Dorian Co.
*He and Mike He were always thought that they are brothers.

TV Drama

* First Love
* Basketball Tribe
* Original Scent of Summer
* Ping Pong
* On Tribe
* Yours Always
* Love Signal
* Starry Starry Night


* PS...I Luv U


曲) - 邱澤''
# ''摘星 - 何潤東/陳怡蓉''br>
| 2003 || Original Scent of Summer OSt || ||
# ''The Blue Love -Lan Se Ai Qing''

May Chin

Stage named May Chin, Kao Chin Su-mei is a singer, actress and politician. After a brilliant acting career since mid-1980s she was elected into the Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China in December and re-elected twice in and , all in the Highland Aborigines electoral district. She is currently a member of the Non-Partisan Solidarity Union.

Selected Filmography

*''Wedding Banquet''
*''May Jean''
*''Woman Soup''

May Chin also published some 10 albums and showed up in various local TV series and s since mid-1980s.

Business and political career

Besides acting, in mid-1990s May Chin ran a wedding photography service shop in Taipei. However this shop caught fire in 1996 and the fire claimed six lives. May Chin had to close down this shop and she took up the compensation responsibility. Later, in 1998, May Chin was diagnosed with . She recovered after having surgery to remove the diseased tissues in 1999.

Since entering the Legislative Yuan, May Chin has been noted for her outspoken views, traditional Atayal costume and face paint in the shape of traditional Atayal tattoo work reserved for married women. May Chin has also been tightly associated with the pan blue coalition, especially in close cooperation with the People First Party. She is also noted for her anti-Japan and China-friendly standpoints, and even protested in front of the Yasukuni Shrine in an effort to remove the enshrined spirits of Aboriginal soldiers who died fighting for the Japanese army during World War II, as well as sued Junichiro Koizumi for visiting Yasukuni Shrine.

Personal life

Her father was and her mother was a member of the Ayatal tribe. May Chin never married to date, but she did have some long and lasting relationships since young. ''Next Magazine'' and ''Apple Daily '' have been reporting her alleged affairs with a number of local celebrity since 2002.

Lee Kang-sheng

Lee Kang-sheng is a Taiwanese actor, film director and screenwriter. He has appeared in all the films of Tsai Ming-liang. His directorial efforts include ''Missing'' in 2003 and ''Help Me Eros'' in 2007.


Lee has received recognition for his acting, winning the Best Actor Award at the 2002 Cinemanila International Film Festival for ''What Time Is It There?'' He was nominated for a in 1994 for ''Vive L'Amour''.

Lee won several awards with his directorial debut, ''''. At the 2004 Rotterdam International Film Festival, he won the KNF Award, the NETPAC Award and the Tiger Award. The film also won the New Currents Award at the 2004 Pusan International Film Festival, a special mention at the Ljubljana International Film Festival and the City of Athens Award at the Athens International Film Festival.

His second directorial effort, ''Help Me Eros'' in 2007, was nominated for a Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. It won a special jury award at the 2007 World Film Festival of Bangkok.


As actor

As screenwriter-director

Enno Cheng

Enno Cheng is a muti-talented Taiwanese singer-songwriter who is also an author and a film actress. She studies in Tamkang University, major in Chinese, while she has an approved temporary suspension of schooling in 2007. She first comes up in the film industry in 2007 and took part in the film Summer's Tail as the main character Zheng Jia-Yue which she wrote the script. She was nominated as the Best New Performer in 2007, the 44th Golden Horse Awards, but lost to Tang Wei.


* Summer's Tail 夏天的尾巴


* Summer's Tail OST


* Summer's Tail

Chen Shiang-chyi

Chen Shiang-chyi, , Taiwanese film actress. She has acted in several of films, like What Time Is It There?, I Don't Want to Sleep Alone, The Wayward Cloud and Goodbye, Dragon Inn.


Chen Chien-Chou

Chen Chien-Chou is a well-known performing artist, and a host of numerous variety shows. Because of his dark skin, he has come to be known by the nickname "Blackie" . He studied at the Chinese Culture University. He used to play for the Chinese Taipei national basketball team. His girlfriend is Fan Fan.

Chen has been working on a documentary entitled "態度" for two years, which follows the hardships and journeys the endures in winning the Super Basketball League championships, costing 3 000 000 NTD. It is set for release in theaters on July 17, 2008.

Personal background

*Name: Chen Chien-Chou
*English name: Charles
*Birthplace: Taiwan
*Birthday: 2 May, 1977
*the signs of the zodiac: Taurus
*Language: , , Hakka
*Favorite actor: Denzel Washington
*God-sister: Ella Chen

Basketball experience

*Chinese Culture University Basketball Team
*Feituo Basketball Team
*, Currently vice team-captain
*Dunked on Shawn Kemp in the NBA Taiwan exhibition game, which aired on CCTV July 12, 2000

TV shows hosted

*[[Channel V|Channel ]] Pai Pai Zou
*asia+ Trivia Party
*[[Channel V|Channel ]] Hei Se Hui Mei Mei?